The Hunt

Mule deer season is 17 days. We schedule 4 hunts per season.
3 hunts x 4 days and the last hunt is 5 days. Here are the dates:
Nov 23 through Nov 26
Nov 27 through Nov 30
Dec 1 through Dec 4
Dec 5 through Dec 9

Texas Border Outfitters

Each hunting period has room for 6 hunters and are typically booked by September so round up a few buddies and book soon.

You arrive the evening before the hunt and leave the morning after the hunt. The ranch has ten blinds and eighteen feeders. You will hunt the blinds in the morning and evenings and drive around in the afternoon spot stalking.

The success rate for this hunt has been very high. Last season was 100%. The size of the desert mule deer to expect is anywhere from upper 120's to 170's. More feeders have already been placed for the coming season.

We cape your deer for taxidermy and quarter it for transportation. You will need to bring enough ice chests to transport your meat back home. The price for this hunt is $3,000 per person. All inclusive - room, board, meals, guide, lodging, and trophy fee. During your stay one guide will be provided per two hunters. Each hunter will hunt in one of ten blinds in the morning and evening. During the afternoon hours some spot & stalking will take place while driving around this rough majestic ranch.

The occasional small black bear may be spotted, but are not available for harvest. They are currently protected.

Predator Hunts

Predator hunts are available in the late evenings on parts of the ranch. Add $500 per person for 3 nights of hunting approx. 3-4 hours per night. A $1500 trophy fee will be added for a mountain lion.